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Philadelphia Sisters has the honor of currently supporting two philanthropies: Chosen Children Ministries & Save Our Streets Ministries. The Lord has called us to each of these ministries and we do everything we can to help them out each year. Look below to find out more about these ministries and how we support them each semester.

Chosen children ministries

Chosen Children Ministries (CCM) is an evangelical mission organization seeking to evangelize and make disciples of the people of Nicaragua. CCM exists to share God's love and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Nicaragua, serving their spiritual and physical needs in ways that bring God glory, by planting churches, equipping leaders, strengthening families and individuals, evangelizing and discipling children and adults, establishing child sponsorships, giving humanitarian aid, and providing the operating needs for Casa Mephibosheth orphanage.

One way we have supported CCM in the past is by sending a team of our own consisting of Philadelphia Sisters and Christian men who also attend TAMU and Blinn. We have had the privilege of going to Nicaragua for 5 years now 2016 - 2018 and 2022 - 2023

The other way we get to support Chosen Children's Ministries is through hosting Joy to the World 5K in the fall semester. We have put on this race for 10 years, donating all the proceeds to CCM. 


SOS Ministries "exists to rescue, restore, and release, and to put ourselves in the world of those we serve so that we might help revolutionize their lives." The ministry works in Bryan and surrounding areas to bring the light of the Gospel and quality programs to help raise up leaders from the streets. Today, SOS partners with approximately 300 volunteers, and over 75 churches and organizations to effectively take the love of Jesus Christ to the streets.


God has called us to dedicate our time and talent as a testimony of His transforming power to raise up, equip, and empower others to 'Save Our Streets'. Phillies has supported this local ministry for years with donations from our concert called Beats for Our Street in the spring semester. All proceeds from Beats for Our Streets and parts of the proceeds earned by our vendors go directly to SOS. We are excited to put on Beats for Our Streets this year on April 19th at the Palace Theater in Bryan!


Throughout the year, we support SOS by volunteering at SOS throughout the year in leading Bible studies, helping in after school care, and leading teen bible study. This is such a sweet opportunity for Phillies to get to share the love that we receive from God to others.

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