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common questions

Here are some common questions and answers to help give you a better understanding of who Phillies is and what we do!

Who can apply for Phillies?

Any Texas A&M or Blinn student can apply! This includes all class years, not just freshman!

What does the time commitment look like?

Phillies is a pretty big time commitment. We have weekly meetings on Monday nights, mandatory Bible study attendance (you choose where- most girls do a Bible study through their church), and weekly kardia meetups (accountability group). In addition, we also have socials, date parties, and service requirements and opportunities throughout the semester.

How many girls are accepted?

This number varies from semester to semester. Phillies has a max capacity of 80 members, so normally pledge classes are around 20-30 members. 


How do selections work?

We have a selections committee were they specifically pray over each application/girl. During the decision week, they all meet up and pray over each girl and decide unanimously who will be in Phillies. It is completely prayer-based.

What does Philadelphia Sisters stand for?

Philadelphia originates from "philos", the Greek word for loving, and "adelphos", the Greek word for brother. Philadelphia sisters is meant to be an organization of brotherly love.

How much are dues?

Pledge Dues are $300 and member dues are $240 a semester. There are scholarships and payment plans available, so please don't let this stop you from applying!

When do I become an active member?

You will become an active member after going through pledgeship which is in the fall semester. Induction happens at the end of the fall semester.

When are meetings?

Pledge meetings are Mondays starting at 6:45 - 7:45 pm. Regular meetings are 8:00 - 9:30 pm Monday nights.

Do I get a big?

Yes!! You will get one in the beginning of the fall semester.

Are there any mission trips through Phillies?

Yes! Every January Phillies goes on a mission trip. Our philanthropy, Chosen Children's Ministry, is in Nicaragua. 

What is rush exactly?

Rush is a weeklong process of social events! Don't worry, none of the socials are required to get in, but we do highly recommend you coming and meeting members of Phillies. You will be able to hear first hand from members what Phillies is like. Even if you only can make it to one, that's great! We also have multiple informational sessions where we will go more in-depth about Phillies as an organization. 

Is Phillies a sorority?

Phillies is a non-Greek Christian sorority. We also are technically a women's organization. It has similar aspects to a sorority such as date parties, rush, and pledgeship!

Is there rush in the spring?

No, Phillies only has rush in the beginning of the fall semester. 

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